Would you Purchase a Natural or a Synthetic Gemstone

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Natural vs Synthetic

Natural or Synthetic Gemstone

The meaning of a Natural Gemstone is: a fine gem, a jewel, a precious stone, or a semi-precious stone. It is a piece of mineral crystal in cut and polished form used to make jewelry. Natural gemstones are valued throughout the world and have always been part of our lives. These stones are adored and treasured by many and are constantly being sold all over the world. Nowadays should you choose to purchase natural gemstones to complete your jewelry collections, it would absolutely be a great investment.

Dependable Online Businesses

Currently there are many online jewelry stores who are honest and trustworthy that will disclose, label and sell natural gemstones. They will reveal sizes, color, weight and the type of gemstones they are selling without any hesitation, and if in doubt, they will answer any questions you may have concerning the gemstone you are purchasing. Hence, with this knowledge you can rest assured that your purchase will be an authentic natural gemstone.

Gemstone Preference

Educated gemologists buyers say they prefer natural gemstones. In reality most of these buyers would not even consider buying a synthetic gemstone to make fine jewelry. Why is that? It’s because natural gemstone are extremely rare and valuable. Natural gemstones are known and valued for their beauty, their rarity and their exclusivity. These days we are gifted with the diversity of natural stones that are available and the immense assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.

Synthetic Gemstones

A reputable dealer that sells synthetic gemstones will always disclose and label it as a synthetic. Individuals need to know that there is a market for synthetic stones. So then, what is a synthetic stone? And why would any individual want to purchase a synthetic gemstone? The word synthetic means “to put together”. Therefore, a synthetic stone is a lab created stone, it is created in a controlled environment in a laboratory. These synthetic gemstones are “built” or “grown” synthetic crystals. They are built by the use of chemicals, given the proper environment, they arrange themselves into crystals of essentially the same structure as crystals that grow without human intervention. A synthetic gem is a man-made material gem with essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical and physical properties as a natural gem, but it is not a natural rare gemstone created from nature, it is created by scientists in a high tech facility. These synthetic stones are very common and cost a fraction of the cost of natural stones.

Natural Gemstone vs Synthetic

Many individuals are not able to differentiate between natural gemstones mined from the earth and synthetics. Therefore how are they similar but yet different? The composition and synthetic structure of a laboratory-grown synthetic sapphire is the same as that of a natural sapphire. An equal size of a synthetic or natural sapphire will weighs identically. So how do gemologists determine a natural gemstone from a synthetic? The reason being that between the two, they have relatively different characteristics, involving tell-tale inclusions and growth patterns. A synthetic gemstone often lacks impurities and is more beautiful and too perfect. On the other hand a natural gemstone is exactly that, naturally beautiful, exclusively valuable, created from the earth.

Price & Quality

Most synthetic stones vary in price and in quality, therefore knowledge about the common types of synthetics that are out there is very important. As for natural gemstones they are priced accordingly from a low to higher grade in quality. You can also distinguish a rare high quality natural gemstone from the expensive price tag attached to it.


Therefore purchasing and owning Sterling Silver. gemstone jewelry, will definitely bring you great satisfaction and will also prove to be a great investment, whether personally or to offer it as a gift. Consequently should you prefer a natural gemstone or a synthetic, we advise you to request information regarding your gemstone and acquire a gemstone certificate and possibly have a reputable third-party inspect it. Confirmation of the above would be totally for your peace of mind and that of your loved one.

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