Why are Swarovski Crystal Coatings and Effects so Amazing

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Confidence in Product Details

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We all appreciate knowledge on how products are created, and how coatings and effects are achieved. When browsing online stores we read product details, order a product, and once received we are confident it is exactly as described. This wonderful safe feeling that you experience gives you peace of mind, satisfaction and confidence in the product you purchased and the online store. This is one reason why we consider that Swarovski Crystal products are the finest in the world.

Coatings and Effects

The creation of coatings and effects originated in 1956, the same year as the “Aurora Borealis Crystal” was created. It is considered the most popular enhancing effect created within the Swarovski line; our famous “Aurora Borealis” crystal, referred to as the “AB” crystal loved and adored throughout the world.

This coating provides a special effect on the crystals that refracts the light in a rainbow spectrum by providing a shimmering opal-like finish that truly enhances the beauty and sparkle of the cut crystal. This effect is still recognized today for its beautiful rainbow appearance. It is preferred by clients because of the reflective multicolored light that bursts out of this clear colored crystal.

Since its creation, the Swarovski Company has continued to develop an extraordinary range of coatings and effects to satisfy designers and customers. Many competitors have tried to replicate these effects but have in reality been unsuccessful. This fact has enabled the Swarovski Crystal Company to stay one step ahead of the worldwide trends in fashion, style and design.

Aurora Borealis Tube Swarovski Bracelet

Aurora Borealis Tube Swarovski Bracelet 254B

Creation of Coatings and Effects

The creation process of a crystal effect begins at the base with a pure sparkling crystal. The effect is then attained through a special finishing or coating process that is applied to the surface or back of the crystal, depending upon the desired outcome. This coating covers about half of the crystal face, and as you turn the crystal you will see the clear crystal color resulting on one side and the AB coating on the other side of the crystal.

Diversity of the Coating and Effect

The diversity is observed by the interchanging colors on the crystal background and upon its movement. An example would be: applying a white background to the Aurora Borealis crystal will reflect a white, light purple blue multicolor tone, while applying a black background to it, will reflect a black, bright golden white multicolor tone reflective light. Therefore depending on the background color applied, the Aurora Borealis crystal will reflect its own multicolor individual light.

Additional Charge

This AB crystal finish is not available to all colored crystals. These bright AB finishes sometimes tend to be a little more expensive than the regular color crystals because of the extra procedure they go through during the production process. This extra procedure adds an extra charge to their costs pricing them accordingly.

Luxury Quality Purchase

Therefore, no matter which color, coating or effect you prefer, we must admit that they are all unique, and extremely beautiful. Any gift received that is a genuine Swarovski Crystal is just amazing, be it a designed Sterling Silver Jewelry necklace set, pendant, bracelet, pair of earrings or ring, they are just bursting with color and amazing brilliance. Consequently the next time you’re looking for that astonishing gift, for whatever occasion, think! “Swarovski Crystal” because you know your purchasing unique pure luxury quality.

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