What is 925 Sterling Silver ?

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Autore designs chain logo Sterling silver is one of the classical precious metals we love, along with gold and platinum. It has been used for millions of years in creating beautiful fine jewelry. It is rapidly increasing in value and it is at the highest price in 30 years.

We all love sterling silver because it has a special luster, a glow, that other metals don’t have. It’s beauty is hard to compare with, and no matter how many other metals we compare it to, we always come back to purchase sterling silver. With this in mind 925 sterling silver has become, and is the most preferred precious metal used for jewelry designs today.

Sterling silver is a precious metal that contains 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% being copper. You may ask why it is mixed. Sterling silver is mixed so as to be hardened, the hardening of the metal ensures that your precious silver jewelry will last a lot longer, and will look a lot nicer down the road. Another reason is that once mixed, it becomes a hardened precious metal in order for it to be casted into shapes. This makes it easier for metal-smiths, craftsmen, and jewelers to handle and manipulate the 925 precious metal into beautiful intricate designs, like necklaces, pendants, and rings, etc. that we all so appreciate and adore.

How is sterling silver defined? The millesimal fineness system is used to show the purity of silver. In the U.S., only a minimum of 92.5% fine silver can be marketed as “silver.” Sterling silver is always marked with a .925 stamp on the bottom of the piece. This stamp is called a hallmark; this stamp gives the indication of the purity of the piece. The shape of the stamp varies from different countries, and different manufacturers.

Some companies attach a separate stamp or tag to their pieces according to their liking in design; you may notice a round, an oval, or heart tag with the .925 indication of purity on one side, and the other side indicating who the silversmith was that made it, and sometimes it can display the company name. Companies use this logo to certify that their jewelry pieces are authentic and exclusively made with 925 sterling silver.

When purchasing jewelry we want you to remember that 925 sterling silver is just a durable, beautiful, and shiny base precious metal that was valuable in the past and is still valued today, and will continue to be valued, this is why it is loved and preferred by many. Most of all 925 Sterling Silver is treasured for all the glittering and sophisticated fine jewelry designs that are available.

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