Swarovski Crystals Convenience

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swarovski crystals convenience

We are all aware that Swarovski crystals are made in Austria and are considered the finest products of their kind in the world they surpass all other crystal imitators. The great sparkle and brilliance that a Swarovski Crystal entails is like something you’ve never observed before. This brilliance ensures you that you are looking at a quality crystal.

Swarovski Crystal Product

Nowadays the Swarovski Crystal Company continues to fascinate us with their products. They are consistently updating their products by manufacturing premium jewelry stones and providing jewelry designers with remarkable innovative Swarovski crystals products that are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and coatings. With this convenience designers are able to assist their customers with creating gorgeous exceptional jewelry designs and fulfilling their desires and needs. We will be continuously updating you about the wide range of sizes, new shapes, and different colors and coatings that are available for your convenience.


Swarovski crystals come in many sizes; their basic products: Rounds are 2-14mm, Bicones are 2-10mm, and Rondelles range in size from 3-18mm. These basic crystals are consistently being used in jewelry making. During the years their size has increased in respect to demand. Many other Swarovski crystal shapes reach sizes from 10-50mm. This is just to name a few; to name them all would be endless.

Shapes and Colors

Swarovski crystals are also available in many shapes, this is an estimate; there are around 80 different shapes, with 10 new shapes for 2015 thus far. As for colors, there are about 59 – 73 different colors and 19 – 27 different effects available. This definitely offers a fantastic range of choice when choosing a piece of jewelry.

Regular Finish

The regular finish was created in the basic color, or base color, example, CLEAR, SIAM, JET, EMERALD and CAPRI BLUE, and many more. The regular finish beads can be found in the plain color and also in a light version of the color. An example would be “SIAM” and “LIGHT SIAM”, or SAPPHIRE and LIGHT SAPPHIRE. There are some basic colors that have not yet been manufactured in the light color that we will possibly see in the future.

Finest Gift Ever

Jet Colossal Cluster Swarovski Ring 334R

With all this choice nowadays we can surely purchase the finest gift ever, the perfect necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings, or ring, or certainly a Swarovski crystal jewelry set for any occasion. Swarovski crystals are set with many diverse metals, whether it’s a non-precious metal you prefer or a precious metal like 925 Sterling Silver that will last time and time again you will definitely make an elegant impression. You may have the wonderful thought to offer Swarovski Crystals as a wonderful shimmering gift, ex; as a prom gift, or a birthday gift, maybe every now and then you can indulge and purchase a jewelry piece as your personal gift. The choice is yours; you may choose to wear Swarovski crystal jewelry to go to a party, like an engagement, a wedding, or for an anniversary. It’s unquestionable that any product you choose to purchase that is created with authentic Swarovski crystals for whatever occasion, will always be spectacular and striking, for it is created with the finest crystal products in the world. That’s definitely something to feel good about and flaunt.

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