Difference between Pure Silver and Sterling Silver

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Pure silver has a brilliant white metallic luster. sterling silver is often considered as pure silver, which is incorrect. Pure silver, is also called fine silver and is defined as 99.9% pure silver. The millesimal fineness system is used to show the purity of silver. There are silver standards by which refer to the standards of millesimal fineness for the silver alloy used in the manufacture or crafting of silver objects. This list is organized from highest to lowest millesimal fineness, or purity of the silver. The highest purity of silver commercially attainable is 99.95% (nominally considered 100%).

How can I tell if silver is 99.9% pure? All jewelry authentic pieces must be stamped with .999 silver. The product you are purchasing either should be stamped or be accompanied by a certificate of purity. Consequently when you see “.999 fine silver” or “999” stamped on an item, it is considered pure silver. Therefore being 99.9% pure, it is a softer precious metal that is still used in a few jewelry pieces, but rarely used in pure form.

You probably wonder why 99.9% pure silver is not used as often in making jewelry pieces. The reason is because of its softness and susceptibility to damage. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is too soft to use in jewelry or almost anything else because it tends to bend, break, and can easily get scratch marks. These finer grades of silver are too soft and are not strong enough or resistant enough to endure everyday use.

So the next time you want to purchase sterling silver jewelry, consider that you have the option to choose the softer 99.9% pure silver, though its pure precious metal, it is a softer metal and a more vulnerable precious metal that will definitely get damaged or you may choose the long-lasting preferred 92.5% sterling silver by which is usually the most suitable, most durable option to opt for when choosing precious metal jewelry.

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What is 925 Sterling Silver ?

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Autore designs chain logo Sterling silver is one of the classical precious metals we love, along with gold and platinum. It has been used for millions of years in creating beautiful fine jewelry. It is rapidly increasing in value and it is at the highest price in 30 years.

We all love sterling silver because it has a special luster, a glow, that other metals don’t have. It’s beauty is hard to compare with, and no matter how many other metals we compare it to, we always come back to purchase sterling silver. With this in mind 925 sterling silver has become, and is the most preferred precious metal used for jewelry designs today.

Sterling silver is a precious metal that contains 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% being copper. You may ask why it is mixed. Sterling silver is mixed so as to be hardened, the hardening of the metal ensures that your precious silver jewelry will last a lot longer, and will look a lot nicer down the road. Another reason is that once mixed, it becomes a hardened precious metal in order for it to be casted into shapes. This makes it easier for metal-smiths, craftsmen, and jewelers to handle and manipulate the 925 precious metal into beautiful intricate designs, like necklaces, pendants, and rings, etc. that we all so appreciate and adore.

How is sterling silver defined? The millesimal fineness system is used to show the purity of silver. In the U.S., only a minimum of 92.5% fine silver can be marketed as “silver.” Sterling silver is always marked with a .925 stamp on the bottom of the piece. This stamp is called a hallmark; this stamp gives the indication of the purity of the piece. The shape of the stamp varies from different countries, and different manufacturers.

Some companies attach a separate stamp or tag to their pieces according to their liking in design; you may notice a round, an oval, or heart tag with the .925 indication of purity on one side, and the other side indicating who the silversmith was that made it, and sometimes it can display the company name. Companies use this logo to certify that their jewelry pieces are authentic and exclusively made with 925 sterling silver.

When purchasing jewelry we want you to remember that 925 sterling silver is just a durable, beautiful, and shiny base precious metal that was valuable in the past and is still valued today, and will continue to be valued, this is why it is loved and preferred by many. Most of all 925 Sterling Silver is treasured for all the glittering and sophisticated fine jewelry designs that are available.

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How to Verify Swarovski Jewelry

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When purchasing a genuine Swarovski crystal jewelry, we often ask ourselves how do I verify a Swarovski Crystal.

First and far most a genuine Swarovski crystal bead has precision cuts with equal facets, no matter what size it is. Then comes the color of a genuine Swarovski bead, the color and color effects on the bead are consistent, as they have tremendous sparkle and shine like no other crystal bead. What about the shape and size of a Swarovski bead? Well these are consistent also.

When we are looking at a fake crystal bead, the size of the bead is often off by a few millimeters, as we assemble them together we will notice that the beads will not meet in the centers therefore rendering them uneven in size. The best part is that either bead whether genuine swarovski crystal or fake crystals can be verified with the naked eye making it easy to distinguish which one is a Swarovski crystal and which one is a fake crystal. As shown in the image above.

Swarovski crystals are precise quality cut lead crystals due to the fact that the manufacturing process implements the strictest quality control laws. State of the art high precision machines are used, very similar to the process in which diamonds are cut.

The Swarovski crystal manufacture stands by the quality and consistency of their product by certifying that every Swarovski crystal is 99.8% accurate in cut, color and shape. Therefore at 99.8% accuracy you can be sure that the Swarovski Crystal is a genuine crystal.

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How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Many of us wonder how to clean sterling silver jewelry. We are all aware that moisture, water, air, or chemicals and oils from our skin may tarnish the surface of sterling silver jewelry overtime. But what is the most easy and organic way to clean it? We suggest combining your sterling silver with baking soda and hot water with the presence of aluminum foil wrapped inside a glass dish. You may then add your sterling silver jewelry inside the glass dish, once dipped a reaction will occur on spot where the tarnish from the sterling silver jewelry will transfer to the aluminum foil and therefore remove all tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry. This will leave the sterling silver new again with a shine and glow just as first purchased.

If you try the above and it does not work don’t get discouraged. There are also liquid cleaners that you may purchase that remove tarnish instantly just by dipping the jewelry in the container and then rinsing with cool water and dry with a cotton cloth. You may also consider using a polishing cloth which will remove tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry just by polishing it. There you go your sterling silver jewelry will be just like new.

Most of the products above can be purchased from your retail or online jewelry stores by which you purchase your sterling silver jewelry. So the next time you are shopping for sterling silver jewelry don`t forget to inquire and purchase the product that works for you. Therefore your sterling silver jewelry will always have that special metallic shine and glow just like the first day you purchased it.

To protect your jewelry we suggest always wiping your jewelry off with a 100% cotton soft cloth after you wear it and storing it in a jewelry cloth pouch with anti-tarnish paper or you may also store your jewelry in a closed jewelry box.

Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and timeless and is the answer for any personal gift or occasion. So when you’re thinking of purchasing pieces of jewelry, we invite you to keep in mind that no matter the individual’s personality or personal style, sterling silver jewelry will always be appreciated and valued for what it truly is.

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Welcome to the Autore Designs Jewelry

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We want to welcome you all to the official blog of Autore Designs.

We strive to be one of the top online jewelry stores, and emphasize on customer satisfaction.

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We invite you to look up our website at autoredesigns.com so you may have an idea of the fine, gorgeous and fashionable 925 sterling silver jewelry we carry. or our Swarovski Crystal Jewelry on 925 Sterling Silver. You may choose our handcrafted jewelry on 925 Sterling Silver, or our Designer Gemstone Jewelry on 925 Sterling Silver, whichever you decide it is available at your fingertips at our online jewelry store.

We consistently stand by all our authentic products and focus on customer satisfaction. We do this by offering you our customers our autore designs 30 Day Return Policy guarantee. (Terms & Conditions Section # 10)

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy our jewelry. In the event that you should you have any questions we will gladly assist you with our responses. We invite you to connect with us by email via contact us.

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