How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

On April 15, 2011, in - JEWELRY CLEANING, by Autore Designs Jewelry

Many of us wonder how to clean sterling silver jewelry. We are all aware that moisture, water, air, or chemicals and oils from our skin may tarnish the surface of sterling silver jewelry overtime. But what is the most easy and organic way to clean it? We suggest combining your sterling silver with baking soda and hot water with the presence of aluminum foil wrapped inside a glass dish. You may then add your sterling silver jewelry inside the glass dish, once dipped a reaction will occur on spot where the tarnish from the sterling silver jewelry will transfer to the aluminum foil and therefore remove all tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry. This will leave the sterling silver new again with a shine and glow just as first purchased.

If you try the above and it does not work don’t get discouraged. There are also liquid cleaners that you may purchase that remove tarnish instantly just by dipping the jewelry in the container and then rinsing with cool water and dry with a cotton cloth. You may also consider using a polishing cloth which will remove tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry just by polishing it. There you go your sterling silver jewelry will be just like new.

Most of the products above can be purchased from your retail or online jewelry stores by which you purchase your sterling silver jewelry. So the next time you are shopping for sterling silver jewelry don`t forget to inquire and purchase the product that works for you. Therefore your sterling silver jewelry will always have that special metallic shine and glow just like the first day you purchased it.

To protect your jewelry we suggest always wiping your jewelry off with a 100% cotton soft cloth after you wear it and storing it in a jewelry cloth pouch with anti-tarnish paper or you may also store your jewelry in a closed jewelry box.

Sterling silver jewelry is beautiful and timeless and is the answer for any personal gift or occasion. So when you’re thinking of purchasing pieces of jewelry, we invite you to keep in mind that no matter the individual’s personality or personal style, sterling silver jewelry will always be appreciated and valued for what it truly is.

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