All about Lava Rock Gemstone

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What is Lava Rock?
Lava rock and Jewelry

-Individuals would define it as a black rock with holes in it.

How is Lava Rock created?
-Some individuals have no idea.

Lava Rock is a volcanic rock, a rock that is created from a volcanic eruption by which it is in molten form, once it reaches the surface it starts to solidify and it is referred to as magma. This molten rock needs to reach 1,000 degrees Celsius, once it reaches this high temperature and huge pressure, the rock begins to melt beneath an active volcano.

There are many forms of liquid lava that erupt from different volcanoes. When this substance cools down or freezes it becomes hardened and changes in appearance, colors ranging from black to grey or red. It also changes in composition from a solid to glassy or spongy. As liquid lava glides down the volcano it creates different forms of rocks near the earth’s surface.

-If a liquid lava stream cools down quickly, it freezes into a black glassy substance called “Obsidian”.

-If the same lava stream cools off slowly, it forms into a uniform solid rock, and the color of the stone lightens.

- If a lava stream is filled with bubbles of gas, then this rock forms into a spongy appearance (having hollow air spaces or patterns of pits inside and on the solid rock) called “Pumice”.

Considering how Lava Rock is created helps us to understand why this gemstone is covered with patterns of pits or hollow air spaces. Many individuals might consider that this stone is not perfect because of its hollow air spaces and pits, and may define it as an invaluable gemstone. On the contrary, these natural rocks have their value and are not valueless. These stones are naturally formed with air spaces, patterns of pits, and inclusions from nature. Their value ranges from how common the stone is, to how rare, the different patterns of inclusions and flaws it has, and the rarer the stone is the more expensive. Therefore, due to the fact that it is created by nature, the patterns and inclusions are never the same, making each stone different from the other. This is what makes them so beautiful, rare and unique.

Designers today create beautiful unusual unique Lava Rock Jewelry with the Lava Rock gemstone, they have incorporated other stones with the Lava Rock gemstone for added beauty and contrast. These gemstones have become very popular and demanded in online jewelry stores all over the world today. They are polished by jewelry designers to a smooth finish, and their pits and inclusions are not removed, but displayed and accentuated with pride for their beauty and uniqueness. Designing with this unusual black gemstone can add style and mystery to any design. This mysteriousness is what fascinates and intrigues many individuals to inquire about them and to purchase them.

Therefore, many individuals might think that volcanoes are not so important, that’s because they are not aware of the fact that volcanoes are incubators for many of the World’s treasures.

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