Would you Purchase a Natural or a Synthetic Gemstone

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Natural vs Synthetic

Natural or Synthetic Gemstone

The meaning of a Natural Gemstone is: a fine gem, a jewel, a precious stone, or a semi-precious stone. It is a piece of mineral crystal in cut and polished form used to make jewelry. Natural gemstones are valued throughout the world and have always been part of our lives. These stones are adored and treasured by many and are constantly being sold all over the world. Nowadays should you choose to purchase natural gemstones to complete your jewelry collections, it would absolutely be a great investment.

Dependable Online Businesses

Currently there are many online jewelry stores who are honest and trustworthy that will disclose, label and sell natural gemstones. They will reveal sizes, color, weight and the type of gemstones they are selling without any hesitation, and if in doubt, they will answer any questions you may have concerning the gemstone you are purchasing. Hence, with this knowledge you can rest assured that your purchase will be an authentic natural gemstone.

Gemstone Preference

Educated gemologists buyers say they prefer natural gemstones. In reality most of these buyers would not even consider buying a synthetic gemstone to make fine jewelry. Why is that? It’s because natural gemstone are extremely rare and valuable. Natural gemstones are known and valued for their beauty, their rarity and their exclusivity. These days we are gifted with the diversity of natural stones that are available and the immense assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.

Synthetic Gemstones

A reputable dealer that sells synthetic gemstones will always disclose and label it as a synthetic. Individuals need to know that there is a market for synthetic stones. So then, what is a synthetic stone? And why would any individual want to purchase a synthetic gemstone? The word synthetic means “to put together”. Therefore, a synthetic stone is a lab created stone, it is created in a controlled environment in a laboratory. These synthetic gemstones are “built” or “grown” synthetic crystals. They are built by the use of chemicals, given the proper environment, they arrange themselves into crystals of essentially the same structure as crystals that grow without human intervention. A synthetic gem is a man-made material gem with essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical and physical properties as a natural gem, but it is not a natural rare gemstone created from nature, it is created by scientists in a high tech facility. These synthetic stones are very common and cost a fraction of the cost of natural stones.

Natural Gemstone vs Synthetic

Many individuals are not able to differentiate between natural gemstones mined from the earth and synthetics. Therefore how are they similar but yet different? The composition and synthetic structure of a laboratory-grown synthetic sapphire is the same as that of a natural sapphire. An equal size of a synthetic or natural sapphire will weighs identically. So how do gemologists determine a natural gemstone from a synthetic? The reason being that between the two, they have relatively different characteristics, involving tell-tale inclusions and growth patterns. A synthetic gemstone often lacks impurities and is more beautiful and too perfect. On the other hand a natural gemstone is exactly that, naturally beautiful, exclusively valuable, created from the earth.

Price & Quality

Most synthetic stones vary in price and in quality, therefore knowledge about the common types of synthetics that are out there is very important. As for natural gemstones they are priced accordingly from a low to higher grade in quality. You can also distinguish a rare high quality natural gemstone from the expensive price tag attached to it.


Therefore purchasing and owning Sterling Silver. gemstone jewelry, will definitely bring you great satisfaction and will also prove to be a great investment, whether personally or to offer it as a gift. Consequently should you prefer a natural gemstone or a synthetic, we advise you to request information regarding your gemstone and acquire a gemstone certificate and possibly have a reputable third-party inspect it. Confirmation of the above would be totally for your peace of mind and that of your loved one.

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Why are Swarovski Crystal Coatings and Effects so Amazing

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Confidence in Product Details

Koala Bear AB 4


We all appreciate knowledge on how products are created, and how coatings and effects are achieved. When browsing online stores we read product details, order a product, and once received we are confident it is exactly as described. This wonderful safe feeling that you experience gives you peace of mind, satisfaction and confidence in the product you purchased and the online store. This is one reason why we consider that Swarovski Crystal products are the finest in the world.

Coatings and Effects

The creation of coatings and effects originated in 1956, the same year as the “Aurora Borealis Crystal” was created. It is considered the most popular enhancing effect created within the Swarovski line; our famous “Aurora Borealis” crystal, referred to as the “AB” crystal loved and adored throughout the world.

This coating provides a special effect on the crystals that refracts the light in a rainbow spectrum by providing a shimmering opal-like finish that truly enhances the beauty and sparkle of the cut crystal. This effect is still recognized today for its beautiful rainbow appearance. It is preferred by clients because of the reflective multicolored light that bursts out of this clear colored crystal.

Since its creation, the Swarovski Company has continued to develop an extraordinary range of coatings and effects to satisfy designers and customers. Many competitors have tried to replicate these effects but have in reality been unsuccessful. This fact has enabled the Swarovski Crystal Company to stay one step ahead of the worldwide trends in fashion, style and design.

Aurora Borealis Tube Swarovski Bracelet

Aurora Borealis Tube Swarovski Bracelet 254B

Creation of Coatings and Effects

The creation process of a crystal effect begins at the base with a pure sparkling crystal. The effect is then attained through a special finishing or coating process that is applied to the surface or back of the crystal, depending upon the desired outcome. This coating covers about half of the crystal face, and as you turn the crystal you will see the clear crystal color resulting on one side and the AB coating on the other side of the crystal.

Diversity of the Coating and Effect

The diversity is observed by the interchanging colors on the crystal background and upon its movement. An example would be: applying a white background to the Aurora Borealis crystal will reflect a white, light purple blue multicolor tone, while applying a black background to it, will reflect a black, bright golden white multicolor tone reflective light. Therefore depending on the background color applied, the Aurora Borealis crystal will reflect its own multicolor individual light.

Additional Charge

This AB crystal finish is not available to all colored crystals. These bright AB finishes sometimes tend to be a little more expensive than the regular color crystals because of the extra procedure they go through during the production process. This extra procedure adds an extra charge to their costs pricing them accordingly.

Luxury Quality Purchase

Therefore, no matter which color, coating or effect you prefer, we must admit that they are all unique, and extremely beautiful. Any gift received that is a genuine Swarovski Crystal is just amazing, be it a designed Sterling Silver Jewelry necklace set, pendant, bracelet, pair of earrings or ring, they are just bursting with color and amazing brilliance. Consequently the next time you’re looking for that astonishing gift, for whatever occasion, think! “Swarovski Crystal” because you know your purchasing unique pure luxury quality.

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Swarovski Crystals Convenience

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swarovski crystals convenience

We are all aware that Swarovski crystals are made in Austria and are considered the finest products of their kind in the world they surpass all other crystal imitators. The great sparkle and brilliance that a Swarovski Crystal entails is like something you’ve never observed before. This brilliance ensures you that you are looking at a quality crystal.

Swarovski Crystal Product

Nowadays the Swarovski Crystal Company continues to fascinate us with their products. They are consistently updating their products by manufacturing premium jewelry stones and providing jewelry designers with remarkable innovative Swarovski crystals products that are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and coatings. With this convenience designers are able to assist their customers with creating gorgeous exceptional jewelry designs and fulfilling their desires and needs. We will be continuously updating you about the wide range of sizes, new shapes, and different colors and coatings that are available for your convenience.


Swarovski crystals come in many sizes; their basic products: Rounds are 2-14mm, Bicones are 2-10mm, and Rondelles range in size from 3-18mm. These basic crystals are consistently being used in jewelry making. During the years their size has increased in respect to demand. Many other Swarovski crystal shapes reach sizes from 10-50mm. This is just to name a few; to name them all would be endless.

Shapes and Colors

Swarovski crystals are also available in many shapes, this is an estimate; there are around 80 different shapes, with 10 new shapes for 2015 thus far. As for colors, there are about 59 – 73 different colors and 19 – 27 different effects available. This definitely offers a fantastic range of choice when choosing a piece of jewelry.

Regular Finish

The regular finish was created in the basic color, or base color, example, CLEAR, SIAM, JET, EMERALD and CAPRI BLUE, and many more. The regular finish beads can be found in the plain color and also in a light version of the color. An example would be “SIAM” and “LIGHT SIAM”, or SAPPHIRE and LIGHT SAPPHIRE. There are some basic colors that have not yet been manufactured in the light color that we will possibly see in the future.

Finest Gift Ever

Jet Colossal Cluster Swarovski Ring 334R

With all this choice nowadays we can surely purchase the finest gift ever, the perfect necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings, or ring, or certainly a Swarovski crystal jewelry set for any occasion. Swarovski crystals are set with many diverse metals, whether it’s a non-precious metal you prefer or a precious metal like 925 Sterling Silver that will last time and time again you will definitely make an elegant impression. You may have the wonderful thought to offer Swarovski Crystals as a wonderful shimmering gift, ex; as a prom gift, or a birthday gift, maybe every now and then you can indulge and purchase a jewelry piece as your personal gift. The choice is yours; you may choose to wear Swarovski crystal jewelry to go to a party, like an engagement, a wedding, or for an anniversary. It’s unquestionable that any product you choose to purchase that is created with authentic Swarovski crystals for whatever occasion, will always be spectacular and striking, for it is created with the finest crystal products in the world. That’s definitely something to feel good about and flaunt.

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Best Valentine’s Day

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Best Valentines Day 1

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and on its way. Have you planned out how you will be spending your holiday with your loved one? What special gift do you have in mind for your loved one? How will you make your Valentine’s Day a perfectly festive one? If you’re one of those lucky women, you’re probably excited and anxious about the surprises he has in store for you, possibly wondering if a jewelry gift is in the mix.

You Choose

Valentine’s Day offers us a unique opportunity on how we choose to celebrate love. The usual approach with flowers, cards, and romance works beautifully for some. Others prefer to elaborate with something much more exquisite like a jewelry gift. Valentine’s Day has become one of the most popular holidays among florists, lovers and jewelers. The common symbols for this holiday are cupids, hearts, and roses. These symbols can be present in candies, chocolates, and in jewelry pieces. A note to all gentlemen out there, you can shower her with chocolates or flowers this year and she’ll be content, but really you know deep down all she truly desires is jewelry.

Be Creative

You could be creative and think of something very unique like to purchase a jewelry piece that reminds her of you, every time she glances at it. It could be a beautiful Gold or Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant, a pair of Sterling Silver Brushed Heart Swarovski Earrings, or a gorgeous Sterling Silver Valentine Heart Swarovski Bracelet. Whichever jewelry piece you favour will absolutely be perfect.

Valentine Heart Swarovski Bracelet_122B

Observe the Smile

Do you wonder why do some individuals purchase jewelry gifts for their woman on Valentine’s Day? It’s because they always make amazing gifts! They can certainly place a smile on your lady’s face.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Swarovski Crystals Beginning

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Swarovski Crystal Company
Headquarters Located in Wattens., Tyrol (Austria)

Swarovski Company

We will inform you on how Swarovski Crystal and the Swarovski Crystal Company originated and where it is located; we will introduce and explain how Swarovski is pronounced “Swore-Off-Ski” Crystals and how they are created. We will also respond to many other questions relating to crystals that many individuals ask themselves that have not been answered. Most importantly we will inform you who is responsible for this high quality luxurious and greatly demanded Swarovski Crystal product that has today, changed the creation of jewelry.

So where does Swarovski Crystal originate from? They originated in Austria. Where do Swarovski Crystals come from? Authentic Swarovski Crystals comes from the Swarovski Crystal Company headquarters located Wattens. Tyrol (Austria). Swarovski is an “Austrian” producer of luxury cut lead glass “crystal’ that is also termed as “Swarovski Austrian Crystal”. In the crystal market today Swarovski Crystals are considered a highly priced luxury item. Due to their high quality, they have become top of the line crystals that are used in quality jewelry making designs. Jewelry designers all over the world prefer to work with these high quality crystals incorporating them into their designs.

Therefore when was this great company founded? Who is the famous founder? The company was founded in the 19th century. The founder of the company is Daniel Swarovski. Daniel was the creator of this fine high quality crystal today named Swarovski Crystal.

Let’s go back in time; Daniel Swarovski’s father was a glass cutter who owned a small glass factory. It was there that the young Swarovski first began to master his education and expertise, and developed his skill in the art of glass-cutting. In 1892 along with hydroelectricity he created and patented an electric precision gem cutting machine that simplified the production of crystal glass, this gem cutting machine could cut crystal jewelry stones with amazing precision, without causing any damage or severe breakage to the crystals. Daniels gem cutting invention changed the world’s impression of crystal jewelry forever.

A few years later in 1895 the Swarovski Crystal cutting factory was established as a company and was incorporated. At this time the crystals became extensively preferred rather quickly, mainly due to their fine high quality precision appearance. Since then, the Swarovski family has continued the tradition of making the most recognized crystals in the world out of their factory in Wattens, Tyrol (Austria).

Some individuals may ask: What is a crystal? How is it formed? Where are they found? The name “Crystal” means “Ice” its meaning is “water in a solid state, formed by freezing liquid”. As a result a crystal is a solid substance which is naturally formed by the rapid cooling of a liquid. Most crystals are minerals and are natural crystals formed and found in caves.

Thus, why is Swarovski Crystal different? Swarovski Crystals are not natural crystals found in caves, because they do not occur naturally. They are also not considered minerals because minerals are naturally occurring. Swarovski Crystals are man-made gems manufactured in Austria.

What are Swarovski Crystals made of? These crystals are made up of 21-32% of lead. The low quantity amount of lead used to make these crystals is not considered to be in any way dangerous nor poisonous for our health.

What about the “Swarovski” name what does it mean? It means “prosperity”. An example of the meaning of prosperity is “a person who is living a rich and full life with all the money and happiness he needs”.

Considering all the above, Swarovski Crystals are special because they are high quality crystals. The sparkle and brilliance of a Swarovski Crystal is unlike any other crystal you have ever seen. Another factor that makes them so special is that they can be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and different colors and coatings. So the next time you want to purchase online jewelry, consider a Swarovski Crystal piece of jewelry. We also inspire you to pause and observe! the high quality precision cut facets, dimensions, beautiful colors and coatings that a Swarovski Crystal emanates, but most of all we hope you receive the joy of the Swarovski meaning “prosperity”.

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Fact about Marcasite

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Marcasite and Pyrite
Marcasite and Pyrite

Marcasite is a common mineral also called “white iron pyrites”. Marcasite is a mineral that is made from iron and sulfur with a range of crystalline structures called Iron Sulfide. Marcasite’s commonly associated minerals; include pyrite, fluorite, dolomite and calcite.

Marcasite is very similar to Pyrite only that Marcasite’s chemicals are structured differently. Marcasite resembles pyrite because it has the same chemical composition. The difference between them is that the color of pyrite is lighter, and when pyrite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system it darkens. Marcasite crystalizes in a different crystal system which makes it a scientifically distinct mineral species, known as polymorphs. It is a primary mineral that forms in mass concretions and crystalizes in rocks creating sharp individual crystals and groups of crystals. It has a unique feature in its crystal formation called twinning by which in the crystal formation phase, the crystals form to look like a roosters head. During this phase twin speared crystals are produced called spear pyrites. These spears are formed under low-temperature and highly acidic conditions and take place in sedimentary rocks and low grade coals, or bands of irons with a crystal structure. They also occur in marls, clays, and lime stones in many different parts of the world.

Marcasite has a beautiful pale yellow color to almost white with a bright metallic luster. It tarnishes to a yellowish or a brownish color with black streaks. At times it has hues of green, which is opaque. Marcasite is lighter than Pyrite which is usually more golden and ranges in pale brass-yellow, thus which is nicknamed “Fool’s Gold “or “Brass” because of its similarity to gold. Pyrite gets it color from a brassy yellow mineral; this mineral is also found in many other minerals, like the Lapis Lazuli gemstone. This is why when looking at a Lapis stone you will find golden spots or lines amongst its dark blue amazing color.

Marcasite has been with us since the beginning of civilization. The Chinese continued to mine the stone repeatedly, and today it is still used and produced. Since the early modern era the “marcasite” gemstone was labeled as marcasite, but pyrite was the gemstone used in its place. Marcasite can be found in the following regions; China, Russia, Mexico, Peru, France, England, and the United States. Marcasite can originate in big chunks, but most are small rock size pieces. In creating marcasite jewellery today, pyrite is still used as a gemstone in the gemstone trade and is labelled as “marcasite”. Marcasite is never used in jewelry. Fact being that pyrite gemstone is a stronger and a more resistant mineral and can be used as gem material while marcasite cannot. Subsequently today, don’t get alarmed, if you should want to purchase Marcasite Gemstone Jewelry, it will be sold to you as marcasite, but it will actually be pyrite that you will be purchasing.

Nowadays Marcasite has become very popular for the simple reason that it is associated to silver. It is frequently made by setting small pieces of pyrite into Sterling Silver. It shapes consists of squares, circles, triangles, and other. This stone has been transformed and inserted into many designs using Sterling Silver. Many artisans love the Marcasite/Pyrite gemstone; they love to create jewelry pieces that are astonishing, beautiful and unique in design. We must admit in the end that the Marcasite/Pyrite has its own distinction and uniqueness, and that is what makes it so exceptional in any jewelry piece.

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All about Lava Rock Gemstone

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What is Lava Rock?
Lava rock and Jewelry

-Individuals would define it as a black rock with holes in it.

How is Lava Rock created?
-Some individuals have no idea.

Lava Rock is a volcanic rock, a rock that is created from a volcanic eruption by which it is in molten form, once it reaches the surface it starts to solidify and it is referred to as magma. This molten rock needs to reach 1,000 degrees Celsius, once it reaches this high temperature and huge pressure, the rock begins to melt beneath an active volcano.

There are many forms of liquid lava that erupt from different volcanoes. When this substance cools down or freezes it becomes hardened and changes in appearance, colors ranging from black to grey or red. It also changes in composition from a solid to glassy or spongy. As liquid lava glides down the volcano it creates different forms of rocks near the earth’s surface.

-If a liquid lava stream cools down quickly, it freezes into a black glassy substance called “Obsidian”.

-If the same lava stream cools off slowly, it forms into a uniform solid rock, and the color of the stone lightens.

- If a lava stream is filled with bubbles of gas, then this rock forms into a spongy appearance (having hollow air spaces or patterns of pits inside and on the solid rock) called “Pumice”.

Considering how Lava Rock is created helps us to understand why this gemstone is covered with patterns of pits or hollow air spaces. Many individuals might consider that this stone is not perfect because of its hollow air spaces and pits, and may define it as an invaluable gemstone. On the contrary, these natural rocks have their value and are not valueless. These stones are naturally formed with air spaces, patterns of pits, and inclusions from nature. Their value ranges from how common the stone is, to how rare, the different patterns of inclusions and flaws it has, and the rarer the stone is the more expensive. Therefore, due to the fact that it is created by nature, the patterns and inclusions are never the same, making each stone different from the other. This is what makes them so beautiful, rare and unique.

Designers today create beautiful unusual unique Lava Rock Jewelry with the Lava Rock gemstone, they have incorporated other stones with the Lava Rock gemstone for added beauty and contrast. These gemstones have become very popular and demanded in online jewelry stores all over the world today. They are polished by jewelry designers to a smooth finish, and their pits and inclusions are not removed, but displayed and accentuated with pride for their beauty and uniqueness. Designing with this unusual black gemstone can add style and mystery to any design. This mysteriousness is what fascinates and intrigues many individuals to inquire about them and to purchase them.

Therefore, many individuals might think that volcanoes are not so important, that’s because they are not aware of the fact that volcanoes are incubators for many of the World’s treasures.

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What is Your Favorite Gemstone?

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What is your Favorite Gemstone1

One of our favorite is Chalcedony because of its beautiful Light Blue color and Sleeping Beauty because of it Sky Blue color and then there’s Amethyst, Tanzanite, Emerald, Citrine, Azurite, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Kyanite, Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Snow Quartz, and Crystal Quartz, Kunzite, Jade, Snowflake Obsidian, Onyx, Crackle Agate, Aventurine, Garnet, and Amazonite, and my list goes on and on and on ………….. And it seems like it never stops. There are many more that we are interested in and I am sure you have many favorites too.

Another reason why certain gemstones are favorites is that you can combine any other gemstones or crystals or any other stone with the above gemstones and they will still always look amazing, incredible and exquisite. Then there’s the factor that every gemstone is very different in its own way and is dissimilar in color making them unique. These rare and unique gemstones are definitely distinguished from all other gemstones because of their beauty and their high value.

We all know there are many beautiful and interesting gemstones out there and there are many more that we don’t even know about or inquire about. The world of gemstones is a fascinating one to observe. You’d be surprised to know that many of the best precious and semi-precious gemstones come from the country or state by which we live in. I bet you never thought about this. It is surprising to know how close and accessible they are to us. Sometimes knowing from where the gemstone originates is totally interesting just like the gemstone itself. Below are a few places from where gemstones originate, hopefully this can benefit you and provide you with some knowledge about gemstones.

What Gemstones are found in Canada?
• Amethyst, Jasper, Agate, Snowflake Obsidian.

What Gemstones are found in North Carolina?
• Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires.

What Gemstones are found in Alaska?
Nephrite Jade, Rhodonite, Quartz in several colors, Garnet, Gold in Quartz.

What Gemstones are found in Mexico?
• Opals, Agate, Amethyst, Obsidian, Amber, Quartz Crystals and Turquoise.

Therefore the next time you purchase your favorite precious or semi-precious stone you will surely observe its beautiful color without a doubt I am sure. Though this time you will probably be curious to ask where your gemstone originates from. Don’t be too surprised or astonished to know that it probably emanates from a place very close to you, probably from the country you live in, now that’s amazing.

Tell me what is your favorite gemstone?

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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Heart 7 blog
Valentine’s Day is February 14 and it’s just around the corner, and it’s all about heart jewelry. What special gift will you offer your loved one or that special someone in your life? We all know that the month of February has always been celebrated as the month of romance. Therefore you need to keep this in mind when looking for that special token that will be forever treasured.

When this type of holiday approaches we should invest in something that is authentic and timeless, maybe a special gift that will be cherished and remembered time and time again. Since it is a special day for those in love it needs to be treated as so, for we give out simple gifts to our loved ones all year round.

Therefore what kind of gift would be considered perfect for Valentine’s Day? One way you can express your love and affection and say you love her would be by giving her a precious fashion sterling silver jewelry gift, a swarovski Heart Pendant in sterling silver with a sterling silver heart logo would be beautiful, or maybe you prefer a Sterling Silver Heart bracelet or a pair of Sterling Silver Heart earrings. Think about it there is nothing that says she’s precious, like a precious sterling silver jewelry gift.

Hence, we include that the gift should be accompanied with beautiful flowers and a heart shaped box filled with candy and that special romantic card so you may express your inner most feelings to her on this very special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Gemstones Why Do We Love Them So

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Gemstones We Love Blog 1
Some individuals reply they love gemstones because of the beautiful array in choice of colors, the great vast selection they have in choice, but most individuals love gemstones because of the striking exquisite sparkle. They are also loved because of their exclusivity and originality.

Consider that the best gemstones are the rare stones that are hard to find in purity, color and quality. They are much more expensive to purchase but well worth the price in value. Natural stones are also pretty rare today and expensive and worth far more than any imitation gemstones or synthetics, at times we tend to purchase what only looks good for now and set aside the value. Unknowingly, we might just regret that decision in the long run.

Others state to love them because of their healing powers. They believe that gemstones have powers that guide a person’s life thus bringing them contentment, fortune and peace in every aspect of their life. There are some of us that like to carry a gemstone as a lucky stone.

Then there are the individuals that like to wear them for prestige and status, they make us feel successful and respected. Adorning oneself with an extraordinary gemstone piece simply because we love to wear them can certainly make us feel exceptional, unique and elegant.

Therefore for whatever reason we choose to love and adorn ourselves with gemstones, we choose to purchase them on online jewelry stores simply because we love them and like to wear them for what they truly are; an amazing gift from nature, sparkling beautiful gemstones.

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